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My earliest memory of healthy hair was me watching an informercial at 5 or 6 years old. They were selling hair shears for split ends. I remember getting my scissors and chopping about 3-4 inches off my pigtail after following their instructions on how to trim the hair for health. So as you can imagine, I started with a passion for beautiful healthy hair. As I became older, with a forever evolving world in hairstyling, I thought, "Why not give the hair additional length and fullness," for those who may struggle with that. From there, making the extensions look like they were growing from the scalp and to keeping people guessing, I became obsessed.

Hi, I'm Jazz Maree. I offer Luxury Healthy Hair Extensions Services. Having been licensed in the Industry for 10 years, I have transitioned from Stylist to Specialist! With a passion for hair care our salon offers a Luxury Healthy Hair experience by providing High End products with Top Quality textured extensions, paired with seamless versatile install options. My goal is to Inspire beauty inside and out while educating on healthy hair practices to become routine for luxurious hair.

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